Journal – 30/12/2020

It’s the end of the year.

Portfolio is at all time high.

Reminder to have a firm invalidation point and stick to the plan for no regrets.
Exited and capitulated from 1INCH from FUD.
Pumped 50% the next day. Feelsbadman.

FOMO-farmed Mithril, APY collapsed in less than a day.

Smelling euphoria in the market especially in DeFi and algo stables.

Cautiously bullish still. Have small positions in DSD and ESD. All might just be vapourware though.

Thinking it’s time to take a good rest and not actively look at anything for a few days at least.

Current bags I’m bullish on
– Sushi
– algo stables (cautious)

Opening – 29/12/2020

Heavily long on Bitcoin and Ether. I have some call options and spot positions open.

Thesis: Post-halving bull run imminent. World governments printing money to bailout failing economy. Stock markets heavily overbought.

Also have some degen positions.
– BAC/DAI yielding 3% per day. Dumping BAS everyday.
– DSD (Dynamic Set Dollar) coupons expecting to 5x within the week or so. Will put in LP once expansion starts.

– Continue to DCA into global emerging market ETFs
– Have much more than necessary emergency liquidity
– Have a few gamble positions on potential zero to one companies (SNAP & PLTR)

Fundamental-driven positions
– Sushi (entry at $1.4 and $2.1), not selling until DeFi crashes. Yielding approx 30-40% p.a.

– Complacent because the BTC bull run is imminent.
– Have been spreading seeds (maybe needlessly) in higher risk positions using farmed yield. Perhaps stacking Sats & Eth is better. Time will tell.