Journal 8

Two days ago I succumbed to fomo even though I knew the market was overheated.

Sold BTC at $55,800 to port over to Binance Smart Chain, bought back higher later at $57,000.

Could’ve waited a little for a pullback.


Otherwise just sitting comfortably on my farms.

Journal 7

The 2nd worst case scenario has played out over the last two weeks.

Bitcoin pumps and DeFi in general pumps harder.

DeFi really is a new paradigm and I’m resisting FOMO really hard now.

Looking out for undervalued projects instead of mulling over my mistake.

The lesson to learn here is… sell slowly if it’s a big bag.

Would’ve had tons more SUSHI and BTCs if I did that!

Journal Entry 6

The fomo pump was unsustainable.

Beating myself up for selling $SUSHI for $BTC.

Would’ve made an additional 6 figures if I had held on.

Believe in own conviction – don’t get fudded out by noobs. At least partial TP instead of rotating out completely.

I have better insights than them.

Journal Entry 5

BTC pumped a $5,000 candle right after changing his Twitter profile to #Bitcoin and he tweeted this. Assuming Tesla has completed

Conviction paid off. Has been tiring waiting for this moment.

February will be good. Time to sleep. Bye.

Journal Entry 4

Panic sold SUSHI at 2150 sats yesterday.

It pumped to 2500 sats. Missed about 0.4 BTC of upside.

I’ve always been making the bottom because of my…. twitchy nature.

Exercise patience when exiting – exit during relief bounces at least for easy extra upside.

I’m on a leveraged Bitcoin position right now – a little jittery. DeFi has been holding out very well thus far. It’s really a new paradigm.

Kinda hoping I didn’t sell now but will believe in my thesis. The worst case scenario is everything dumps.

The second worst case scenario is if BTC pumps and DeFi pumps harder. Hoping I don’t have to buy back higher.

The best case scenario is if BTC just rips upwards sucking in all the DeFi overheated-ness for me to rotate back into my favourite bags:

– $SNX

I like my chances. Until next time.

Journal Entry 3

Big dump in the market today morning in Asia.

US front ran Chinese sellers. Chinese bought back up, which is the first time this has happened in the last 2 months during the holiday szn run up.

Still super bullish!

Took a nice 6 figure drawdown today but recovered most of it in less than 24h. Crypto is a bitch if you don’t know how to tame her.

Stay strong. DeFi and ETH showing extreme resillience.

Obvious top signals I’m looking out for.

– Super low BTC.D (40%).

– Exchanges overheating

– Dumb asses making shit tons of money.

Journal Entry 2

It’s a bloody Thursday as Europe, Asia dumps their BTC thanks to Tether and Janet Yellen fud.

That being said, my thesis holds strong, the seigniorages of the world are undergoing hyper currency debasement. The post halving run is not over and there is at least 3 more months to go (I think – could be VERY wrong).

My thesis will be invalidated if BTC price dumps below $28k, which is highly unlikely imo.

Sitting in spot BTC/ETH/SUSHI and a number of other random bags.

We’ll see what happens. Liking my chances for high time frame.

Journal Entry 1

Super up on $SUSHI – feels complacent.

Expecting Bitcoin (and maybe ETH) to absolutely rip from here.

Wondering if I should take profit on Sushi to getting a few more Bitcoin.

Dumped some fuck it money into moongems like $MTA (mstable) and $PHA (phala network). Speculative.

Short term : Bitcoin

Mid long term : DeFi

Journal – 14/01/21 and 15/01/21

All my bags are pumping. Back to portfolio ATHs.

Outperformers are DOT and SUSHI.

Conservative target for BTC $150,000.
Conservative target for DOT $50.
Conservative target for SUSHI $12.

Gentle reminder to myself that leveraged trading is not my thing.

Trading Over Leverage - Imgflip

My edge has and always been trend identification and fundamental analysis. Will continue to work on that and specialize.

Important thing to take note of:
nothing in particular that’s a time series unfortunately im looking out for news about exchanges halting signups / extended KYC backlogs, overload from users most useful would be the stories of no/low experienced players making ridiculous amounts of money in alts

Journal – 13/01/2021

Had massive dumps since 11th Jan on my birthday.

Deployed stable capital into high potential projects during the euphoria (10th January 2021) before the crash.

Would’ve been able to pick up a MUCH larger bag of SUSHI.

In the next run up, a reminder for myself to withdraw and take some profits along the way up so I have dry powder to do some shopping.

Would’ve been up at least 30%. Buy the blood, not the euphoria.

Until then, just sitting on my current position, very comfortable and extremely optimistic.

Seems like funding has reset across the board and retail thinks crypto is a scam again. Think I’ll be stupidly rich in the next cycle.