Journal – 11/01/2021

Today the crypto market took a 30% beating!

Took some leap call options on ETH – very bullish. Will cash out once double up – no increasing targets bullshit.

Before making big moves, probably should look at Spot vs Futures premium before making big decisions.

Alts are doing okay though – perhaps due to lower exit liquidity.

Futures account on FTX took a beating – have been trading recklessly.

Punting a low leverage long that I think I will hold on for some time.

Comfortably long in spot BTC and xSUSHI.

Journal – 10/01/2021

Sunday today.

Things are slow and volumes are weak.

Took profit on SUSHI-perpetual long. Good profit – should be learning how to take profit at the top when I’m happy instead of waiting for something to pull back – especially if it’s driven by hype.

Okay to HODL spot but it’s not great to HODL perpetual leverage longs.

Current, BTC is experiencing a minor pullback that is within range so went on a 5x long.

Cautiously bullish but let’s see what Monday US open brings us.

Have fun staying rich friends.

Journal – 08/01/21

Everything is at ATH.

Feeling euphoric and bought 20,000 SUSHI with leverage.

Huge dump today.

Should probably be safe but could’ve waited for a better entry price.

Confident. Just trade with low leverage for good sleep.

Sned everything.

Best plays during a bull – buy small amounts of call options and reminder to rotate into alts after BTC rests after a rally.

Journal – 06/01 and 07/01/21

Took another bad trade on 06/01 longing the breakout. Total loss 0.7 BTC worth ($24,000).

Both would’ve made shit tons of money if I had stronger hands.

Lesson learned – do not BTFD with more leverage. Take the drawdown on lower leverage so I can sleep.

Still farming BAC. Yield has dropped to 0.8% per day. Probably good time to exit and stack more BTC.

Longed Sushi with low leverage.

Peace out.

Journal – 05/01/2021

Took a loss on a really bad trade.

Revenge traded because I didn’t want to take a loss. Went up to leverage 10x. Lost approx $15,000 trading LTC.

Was gambling – not trading. Risk management was non existent.

A stark reminder on why I don’t trade leverage and don’t trust myself.

Leave it up to algorithms.

Time to take a break for a few days and focus on farming.

Journal – 04 / 01 / 2021

BTC pumped like crazy over the weekend. Wanted to rotate into ETH but doubted myself. ETH/BTC proceeded to pump insanely (50%).

Sushi and all blue chip DeFis seeing record 30% daily gains.

Trust my instincts.

Still farming Basis. Gas is through the roof so not making moves until the market calms the fuck down.

ESD is getting hit and capitulating. Not sure if I should capitulate or hodl. Yield is still pretty good on ESD farming. But capital losses are painful.

Invalidation $0.5 for ESD – will cut losses then but I hope I won’t regret it.

DSD is capitulating as well. Probably not a good idea to buy coupons.

Don’t fomo – reminder to rotate BTC into blue chips after BTC’s next leg up.

Journal – 31/01/2020 and 01/01/2021

Portfolio ATH thanks to BTC, ETH, DOT and SUSHI.

MIC farm very resilient with $1bn TVL – likely driven by Chinese money. Signs of rekt or bagholder strong community.

Seigniorage farm taken a beating esp in BAC/DAI (LP-ed in $1.2 now it’s hovering around $1.09 per BAC)

Looking to see what happens next with BAC.

I think it’s the OG and therefore has the most mindshare to succeed.

Invalidation for yield < 1% / day on BAC.

Took some gamble positions in BCC/DAI and ESD.

Heavy accumulation spotted at $0.8 for ESD. Should be pretty safe.

Hopefully we see $1 expansion again on DSD, ESD and BAC (still expanding but slowing down).

Cautiously bullish on algo stables but happy to be invalidated.

Once invalidated – back to farming seed pools only.

Happy new year and I’m looking forward to 2021.

Journal – 30/12/2020

It’s the end of the year.

Portfolio is at all time high.

Reminder to have a firm invalidation point and stick to the plan for no regrets.
Exited and capitulated from 1INCH from FUD.
Pumped 50% the next day. Feelsbadman.

FOMO-farmed Mithril, APY collapsed in less than a day.

Smelling euphoria in the market especially in DeFi and algo stables.

Cautiously bullish still. Have small positions in DSD and ESD. All might just be vapourware though.

Thinking it’s time to take a good rest and not actively look at anything for a few days at least.

Current bags I’m bullish on
– Sushi
– algo stables (cautious)

Opening – 29/12/2020

Heavily long on Bitcoin and Ether. I have some call options and spot positions open.

Thesis: Post-halving bull run imminent. World governments printing money to bailout failing economy. Stock markets heavily overbought.

Also have some degen positions.
– BAC/DAI yielding 3% per day. Dumping BAS everyday.
– DSD (Dynamic Set Dollar) coupons expecting to 5x within the week or so. Will put in LP once expansion starts.

– Continue to DCA into global emerging market ETFs
– Have much more than necessary emergency liquidity
– Have a few gamble positions on potential zero to one companies (SNAP & PLTR)

Fundamental-driven positions
– Sushi (entry at $1.4 and $2.1), not selling until DeFi crashes. Yielding approx 30-40% p.a.

– Complacent because the BTC bull run is imminent.
– Have been spreading seeds (maybe needlessly) in higher risk positions using farmed yield. Perhaps stacking Sats & Eth is better. Time will tell.