Journal – 31/01/2020 and 01/01/2021

Portfolio ATH thanks to BTC, ETH, DOT and SUSHI.

MIC farm very resilient with $1bn TVL – likely driven by Chinese money. Signs of rekt or bagholder strong community.

Seigniorage farm taken a beating esp in BAC/DAI (LP-ed in $1.2 now it’s hovering around $1.09 per BAC)

Looking to see what happens next with BAC.

I think it’s the OG and therefore has the most mindshare to succeed.

Invalidation for yield < 1% / day on BAC.

Took some gamble positions in BCC/DAI and ESD.

Heavy accumulation spotted at $0.8 for ESD. Should be pretty safe.

Hopefully we see $1 expansion again on DSD, ESD and BAC (still expanding but slowing down).

Cautiously bullish on algo stables but happy to be invalidated.

Once invalidated – back to farming seed pools only.

Happy new year and I’m looking forward to 2021.