Journal Entry 4

Panic sold SUSHI at 2150 sats yesterday.

It pumped to 2500 sats. Missed about 0.4 BTC of upside.

I’ve always been making the bottom because of my…. twitchy nature.

Exercise patience when exiting – exit during relief bounces at least for easy extra upside.

I’m on a leveraged Bitcoin position right now – a little jittery. DeFi has been holding out very well thus far. It’s really a new paradigm.

Kinda hoping I didn’t sell now but will believe in my thesis. The worst case scenario is everything dumps.

The second worst case scenario is if BTC pumps and DeFi pumps harder. Hoping I don’t have to buy back higher.

The best case scenario is if BTC just rips upwards sucking in all the DeFi overheated-ness for me to rotate back into my favourite bags:

– $SNX

I like my chances. Until next time.