Open Letter to Gobind Singh : The State of Malaysia’s Internet

Dear Minister of Communications and Multimedia,

The monopoly in telecommunications by none other than Telekom Malaysia has taken a toll in providing the proper infrastructure our beloved country needs so desperately to grow. Mark my words, without proper fibre optics distribution, there is absolutely no way Malaysia can catch up with innovations and participate in the giant growing eCommerce beast and all the other perks of that the internet provides.
Read/watch the World Digital Competitiveness Index 2017 results.

I personally run an eCommerce company and we are based in Putra Heights. We moved in about 6 months ago and have been stuck with wireless broadband ever since. We’ve begged, argued and complained to every single TM Point in our vicinity but all they say is they are waiting for a reply from the TM HQ for extra ports – for as long as we’ve moved in to our new office. I am surprised that a Malaysian business is allowed to go through such a predicament in Malaysia 2018. It is disruptive (in a terrible way) for businesses who are looking to relocate without sacrificing any opportunity for growth.

I would like to ask you to prioritize probing into TM’s operations – better yet, completely abolish the monopoly and give rise to a free, competitive and innovative open market. The chokehold that TM has on the country’s communications infrastructure is unhealthy, predatory and highly complacent.?Furthermore, our internet speeds and distribution is only slightly ahead of Cambodia. It is unbecoming for Malaysia to be left behind on such a basic need in this day and age. We are a rich, talented and proud country – we definitely deserve better establishments.

Let us steer our country back on a path to becoming an Asian Tiger again.

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