Opening – 29/12/2020

Heavily long on Bitcoin and Ether. I have some call options and spot positions open.

Thesis: Post-halving bull run imminent. World governments printing money to bailout failing economy. Stock markets heavily overbought.

Also have some degen positions.
– BAC/DAI yielding 3% per day. Dumping BAS everyday.
– DSD (Dynamic Set Dollar) coupons expecting to 5x within the week or so. Will put in LP once expansion starts.

– Continue to DCA into global emerging market ETFs
– Have much more than necessary emergency liquidity
– Have a few gamble positions on potential zero to one companies (SNAP & PLTR)

Fundamental-driven positions
– Sushi (entry at $1.4 and $2.1), not selling until DeFi crashes. Yielding approx 30-40% p.a.

– Complacent because the BTC bull run is imminent.
– Have been spreading seeds (maybe needlessly) in higher risk positions using farmed yield. Perhaps stacking Sats & Eth is better. Time will tell.

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